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Building a better quality of living spaces for children will only happen if it involves local community participation starting from increasing public awareness, changing people mindset and pupils’ behavior, and providing proper facilities to meet standards for safety, security and comfort in order to allow children to develop their full potential.


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29 Apr 20

Progress of School Renovation Projects in Gubug and Gedangan Village - Cepogo District, Boyolali Municipality

Over the past several months, changes can easily be seen throughout our daily lives as the COVID-19 Pandemic affected most of the world. Life, as we know, has shifted in many aspects including the way we work.

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09 Mar 20

The Endless Support and Synergy Cooperation Between Ars86care Foundation and Its Donors

February 2020 marks the beginning of the first semester of ars86care foundation’s School Renovation Project for two Kindergarten in Boyolali Municipality.

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06 Feb 20

Ars86care Foundation is Welcoming Two New Partners in The Beginning of 2020

For 13 years, ars86care foundation has actively contributed to the community by creating a safe space environment for children to learn and play. In 2020 the foundation will continue its commitment in bringing access to better quality education for our future generations.

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21 Jan 20

ars86care foundation Volunteering Event at Pertiwi 2 Jelok Kindergarten in Boyolali Municipality with the crafty community from Graha Decoupage

Every year, ars86care foundation strives to introduce the concept of child-friendly schools through its programs. Value to Do is one of ars86care foundation programs that enlivens the educational process with hands-on experience and green living lifestyle for day to day implementation.

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06 Jan 20

The Efforts to Maintain School Sustainability from ars86care foundation's Monitoring and Evaluation Process

Ars86care foundation Monitoring and Evaluation Session is a continuation step of the Space to Build Program. The goal is to evaluate and monitor how the beneficiaries are receiving the newly built school from the school construction project.

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