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Building a better quality of living spaces for children will only happen if it involves local community participation starting from increasing public awareness, changing people mindset and pupils’ behavior, and providing proper facilities to meet standards for safety, security and comfort in order to allow children to develop their full potential.


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31 Aug 21

Ars86care Foundation’s 14 years journey continuing school building project, Pertiwi 1 Senting Kindergarten in Boyolali

ince our first establishment in 2007, ars86care foundation have worked with communities, individuals, corporate and organizations in providing better access to a quality early childhood education in Indonesia.

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12 Jul 21

The Virtual Handover of Pertiwi Kedunglengkong and Pertiwi Kunti Kindergarten in Boyolali as the 34th and 35th ars86care foundation’s School Partner

ars86care foundation welcomes Pertiwi Kedunglengkong Kindergarten in Kedunglengkong Village-Simo District and Pertiwi Kunti Kindergarten in Kunti Village – Andong District as part of the ars86care foundation’s School Partner.

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11 May 21

Happy Eid Mubarak 1442 H / 2021

Sending all the love and good wishes to friends and family of ars86care foundation on this Eid.

May the magic of this Eid bring lots of happiness in your life, and may it fill your heart with wonders. Celebrate it with all your close friends and family.

Eid Mubarak!

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22 Feb 21

Amidst The Pandemic, Pertiwi Kindergarten in Kunti and Kedunglengkong Village Ignite New Spirit Along With ars86care foundation

"Teaching and learning process amidst pandemic situation is quite a challenge for all of us, the educators, parents, and students. We are required to be more creative and adaptive due to the limitations we had, and having good collaboration between all parties,” said Ms.

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04 Feb 21

Entering 2021, Dharma Wanita Kindergarten in Klewor and Kedungmulyo are Welcomed as Our School Partners

Everyone would definitely agree that 2020 had been such a challenging year. The covid-19 pandemic that globally affected almost all countries has significant impact on many sectors, including the early childhood education.

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