Donate and Volunteer

Ria A. Sitohang


The alumnus of Architecture Engineering, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung) batch of 1986, used to be one of the choristers of the renown Parahyangan Catholic University Choir, and actively performing in various concerts and competitions in Indonesia as well as in other countries.  Now residing in Singapore, she spends her time by painting and she has passion in social activities.  Her frequent visit to many countries has really made her see the importance of child education and motivated her to gather supports for child education in Indonesia in the forms of funds and facilities.  This is what has spurred her on to found Yayasan Arsitek 86 Peduli (ars86care).

Dessi Rajino


She got her degree in Architecture from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung).  She started the seven years of her career with the major property developer, and the following five years coordinating retail and apartment projects.  She was involved in the marketing team of a digital mapping product in Jakarta.  With Kreative Design Studio, she was in charge of producing communication-information-education materials on child rights for an international non-government organization.  She also designed Bungong Jaroe Aceh, a trilingual book (in Aceh language, Indonesian, and English) created by a native Aceh presented as a token of appreciation to national and international donors.  Currently she is doing freelance work as an architect and graphic designer.  She also handles the production non-commercial printing products.  

Marini Widowati


She got her degree in Architecture from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung) and her Master’s degree in Philosophy from Islamic College (London, UK), and Universitas Paramadina (Jakarta).  She has over twenty years of experience in architecture, masterplanning, site planning, urban design, and architecture design guidelines in Indonesia as well as in other countries.  She has won several awards in architecture and masterplanning projects in Indonesia.  Currently she is working as an architect, urban designer, and illustrator.  With Yayasan Arsitek 86 Peduli (ars86care), she contributes her expertise and promotes Child Spaces in Child Friendly Cities.


An architect, urban designer, and illustrator. Graduated in 1991 from Parahyangan University Bandung, joined Atelier 6, an architecture firm in Jakarta as architect and urban designer for 4 years. She has over 20 years experience in architecture, master planning, site planning, urban design and architecture design guidelines. She won several awards in architecture and master planning projects in Indonesia. Currently, she involves in several master planning projects. She is also one of the founders of, a nonprofit group of architect to serve the environment, children and education, where she contributes her expertise as Program Director in philanthropic area and promotes Child Spaces in Child Friendly City.

Harini Septiana


She got her degree in Architecture from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung).  She also got her Diploma with distinction and her Master’s degree in Urban Design from Joint Centre for Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, UK).  She gained her expertise in this field from various companies in Indonesia and abroad.  Currently she is the Senior Urban Designer and works in Doha, Qatar.  However, distance doesn’t hinder her in getting actively involved in Yayasaan Arsitek 86 Peduli (ars86care).  

Ken Savitri Wilson


Having a degree in Architecture Engineering from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung) batch of 1986, she got her degree of Master of Business Administration from Manchester Business School, United Kingdom (UK).  Now residing in Manchester, UK, she had an experience working for a prominent construction management consultant bureau in Indonesia.  Since 2003 she has been actively involved in Komuniti Jakmangrove, a community with the special interest in urban forests and helps mangrove reforestation in Taman Wisata Alam Angke Kapuk, in the northern part of Jakarta.  

Riyadi D. Ekariyanto


He got his degree in Architecture from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung) and he has over twenty years of experience in this field that led him to the top management of a design firm in Jakarta.  His passion in sharing is conducted by actively involved in Yayasan Arsitek 86 Peduli (ars86care) as a Program Coordinator and now the Chairman.  

Budi Satrio


Having a degree in Architecture Engineering from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung), he has profound experience in architectural planning and design.  With his skills, he has been involved in various projects, including Kawasan Garuda Wisnu Kencana (Bali) and projects of PLN in Aceh and West Java.  His passion in sharing is channeled by getting involved in Yayasan Arsitek 86 Peduli (ars86care). 

Dharya Budhi Prasanta


Having a degree in Architecture Engineering from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung), he got his Master’s degree in Management from IPPM Jakarta.  He used to be an active member of Indonesia’s organization of entrepreneurs and giving lectures at his alma mater, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan.  He also held the top position of various companies: design, construction developer, investment management, auction, and community magazine.  Being involved in a foundation of social activities is not new for him.  He is currently the principal architect and interior design consultant for Mar’at Architects.  

Permadi Indra Yoga


After getting his degree in architecture from Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, he started his profession in the United States.  He frequently attended entertainment project workshops abroad.  He is currently the leader of operation division in one of the leading construction and development companies in Indonesia.  

Firdan Hasli


He got his degree in Architecture from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung) and he currently runs his business in construction, interior designing, and investment in property.  He also administers apartment units in strategic places in Jakarta.  

Victor R. Situmorang

Program Coordinator

He got his degree in Architecture from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung) and his Master’s degree in Urban Planning from Institut Teknologi Bandung.  With his fellow architects, he founded a consultant firm in Bandung.  Currently he works as an architect, urban planner and consultant to various projects in Lampung, West Java, Bali, East Kalimantan, and South Sulawesi.  He is very concerned about environment friendly urban design, and his designs always focus on optimalizing the use of natural resources.  This is also his reason of joining Yayasan Arsitek 86 Peduli (ars86care).  

Currently works as free-lance Urban Designer and Architect, collaborating on ex-mining site development in private sector and become an expert for several consultants (architecture and urban design). 

Diana Kurnia Gustianti

Finance Manager

She has a degree in Finance and Banking Management from STIE Perbanas (Jakarta).  She has lots of experience in accounting and finance from many prominent private companies in Indonesia, the experience of which led her to the top management.  She is actively involved with Yayasan Arsitek 86 Peduli (ars86care) by being in charge of finance.  

Anjani Sasikirana

Fundraising Coordinator

Having a Bachelor's Degree in Communication, Anjani has experiences in event organization, production as well as teaching English. In 2015, she joined ars86care foundation to contribute her skills in public relations as well as fundraising.

Agni Muharti Rosalina

Public Relations

Having a Bachelor's Degree in Communication from Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung, she has experience as a broadcaster, event organizer, and content writer. In 2019, she joined ars86care foundation as a public relations.

Risa Nur Aisiyah


Having Diploma in Computerized Accounting from STMIK BSI Jakarta, she joined ars86care foundation to contribute her skill in administration in 2018.

Volunteers and Contributors

Andi Kumala Sakti

Architect and Lecturer

Andi is an alumnus from the University of Parahyangan majoring in Architect in 1986. He is currently an architect in Ruang Hijau Group and a lecturer at the University of Parahyangan. Andi is also an active member of ars86care foundation as well as Pena Arsitektur Hijau. His social work also includes developing tourist destinations and attractions in creative communities across Bandung, Cirebon, Semarang, Temanggung, and several other cities in Indonesia. All of the social activities which have his involvement has the purpose of creating a quality education system for children in Indonesia as well as a save environment for the future generation ahead

Rahmi Tadjoedin

Architect and Interior Designer

Having a degree in Architecture Engineering from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung) batch of 1986, she used to be in the artistic team of a parenting magazine in a well-known publisher of woman and lifestyle magazine in Indonesia.  She has passion in child creativity development, and is now managing her organization focusing on teaching English as a foreign language.  

Andy Sutioso

Architect and Educator

Having a degree in Architecture Engineering from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung) batch of 1986, he pursued his study in the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, and got his degree of Master of Architecture.  He then founded and developed Tri Matra, an organization focusing on communities of art, design and culture for youth in Bandung.  He also founded Rumah Belajar Semi Palar, consisting of a playgroup, a kindergarten and an elementary school in Bandung in 2004.  This school applies the holistic concept of education.  

Diana Astrid


A freelance architect, she contributes a lot in designing public places, such as mosques and pesantren, besides designing houses in many cities in Java.  She currently gives lectures on architecture in some universities in Bandung.  She is also an instructor in a franchise course focusing on mathematics, English and Japanese.  This corroborates her passion in building individual potentials in children so that they can contribute to the development of the nation.

Ariesta Komalasanti

Community Leader and Environmental Activist

The alumnus of German Language and Literature, Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing, and Akademi Sekretaris dan Manajemen, Bandung has diverse experience in secretary, cooperative units, and communication.  She is now in charge of public relations of an organization of environment and reforestation.  a

Gamal Hendro

Architect and Photographer

Gamal Hendro, also known as GH, decided to pursue photography after getting his degree in Architecture from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung).  His passion for photography started back in high school, and never stops while continuing his practice as an architect in Indonesia.  An avid collector of cameras and manual lenses, he has specific fondness for black and white medium in photography, with which he captures his interpretation of reality.  GH had a solo exhibition, Karyaku bersama Cahaya dan Cinta, at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta 2011, and had his works published in printed media and photography books by a leading publisher in Indonesia. 


“Sharing the vision and mission with ars86care makes me believe in participating in Giving Back to Our Community Photography Exhibition.  I hope this event becomes a means to share the message behind my artworks with others.”

Rini Martadi

Architect and Photographer

Having a degree in Architecture Engineering from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung), she is now also an interior designer, landscape architect and photographer.  After pursuing her study in Bandung, she now resides in Yogyakarta.

Novita Indriani Soebrata

Corporate Communication Specialist

She got her degree in Communications from Universitas Padjadjaran (Bandung), and she has extensive experience in many fields.  Besides being an expert in communications, including being the Editor-in-Chief in an online site, she has solid background in various disciplines, including in applied psychology, taxation, stock, and to be a trainer.  She actively works as communications specialist, giving psychological reviews, executing office management and project management, and a translator. 

David Harjanto

Management Consultant

He got his degree in Management from Universitas Pakuan (Bogor), and is actively involved in church activities.  He has profound experience in accounting and production, and had twenty five years experience in manufacturing industries.  He is an expert in focusing in management and production effectiveness and designing production plan and strategy in achieving the organization’s goals.  He is also the management representative to industrial relations, an acknowledgment for his strong leadership and communication skills. 

“I was amazed in knowing what ars86care foundation has done and proud to have the chance of being part of it” - DH -


Levy Goenawan


This Indonesian lady finished her study in Indonesia, and got her master’s degree in finance from the US.  She then had her career in accounting, lived in Hong Kong, and now resides in Singapore, enjoying her life as a full time cake decorator.  Her broad experience makes her see how important education is for someone, not only to have education and knowledge, but also to be able to acclimate to the various situations in life in various countries.

“I am a true believer that education is the basic foundation that will help our next generation build a better future.  Getting involved with ars86care makes me believe it even more.” 

Aloysia Lulu Carlissa

Local Partner

She has the background in childhood pedagogy, then gaining experience in teaching at a high school and junior high school.  With this extensive background, she found her passion in early childhood education, in which she earned her degree.  This has led her way to her career, teaching then becoming the principal at the kindergarten, TK Melati, Plamongan Indah, Semarang.  She has been awarded Kindergarten Principal with Distinctive Achievement in the local district of Semarang, and one of the Best Principals in the wider scope in Demak.  


Local Partner

She has an extensive background in pedagogy, and has consistently pursuing her passion in teaching since 1999.  She is the tehacher  of the kindergarten, TK Pamekar Budi , Candisari Mranggen, Demak.  She is also actively involved in PAUD (the early childhood education center) in Mranggen.  

Romualda Nuniek Ratnindyah


She got her degree in Business Administration from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (Bandung).  Despite her degree, she doesn’t have much passion for business.  She works as an English teacher and part time writer, editor, translator, and interpreter.  She honed her experience in writing and editing from her positions as the Editor-in-Chief for a publisher of magazine for English learners, and the Managing Editor of a lifestyle magazine in a well-known publisher of woman magazine in Indonesia.  As a teacher and trainer, she designs syllabi and materials for training programs in various education centers and organizations.  Her involvement in copywriting with Yayasan Arsitek 86 Peduli (ars86care) started with her admiration for her architect friends’ willingness to gather and share to support Indonesian children in getting a brighter future, the vision she shares as a teacher.  

Susanti Rasmiati


After deciding to stop working at ars86care foundation in 2018, she become a volunteer who eagerly promotes the foundation's actitivities as well as programs.