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This program provides space for children to learn and play, so they can grow and develop to their fullest potentials. This program covers physical development in terms of renovation in kindergartens that are located in remote areas of Central Java. Activities under Space to Build are :

  1. School package – 36 schools had completed their renovations and 1 schools are on-going (since 2012 to date)
  2. Community package and facilities (i.e. library, children playground, teaching equipment, sports facility, etc)
  3. Individual package for children (i.e. Children books, etc)


Geographic Focus
School Name : Dharma Wanita 1 Kindergarten, Karangpasar See School Location

Karangpasar Village, Tegowanu District, Grobogan Municipality, Centra Java

: January 24, 2018
: June 5, 2018
Funded by
Moda for Hope, Devy Farial, Sahabat Anak