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24 Jul 20

Ars86care Foundation Welcome New School Partner in Boyolali Within Covid-19 Pandemic Protocols


It’s been 13 years since ars86care foundation started their mission in providing proper education facilities for early age children in Indonesia, specifically in Central Java. We believe that children at their golden age should have access to develop their potentials to reach prominent generations in the future.


Therefore, it is immensely important that we provide a proper space for them to learn and grow to their fullest potential. To achieve a sustainable result, the contribution and involvement of the community shall be built. Our achievement has gradually grown throughout the years, as shown by the increase of school-community partnerships each year. For the year 2020, ars86care foundation welcomes Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten and Pertiwi 2 Gedangan Kindergarten as the foundation’s new school partner,  becoming the 30th and 31st child-friendly Kindergarten Village, marked the 5th and 6th  school in Boyolali municipality area.


2020’s first-semester school construction started in February 2020, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation,  the project had been carried out with strict protocols following Government’s regulations. We are immensely proud of our local labor team who has successfully finished the construction of the two schools by the end of June 2020. The completion was marked by Hand Over ceremony that had been conducted on the 30th of June 2020 in Pertiwi 2 Gedangan Kindergarten and on the 1st of July 2020 in Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten. Both schools are located in Cepogo District, Boyolali Municipality, Central Java.


Unlike the past events, this year's hand over ritual was only attended by the Foundation’s local partner and site coordinator due to the Covid-19 pandemic condition. The school management had been accompanied by the Village Head and its officials, a limited group of people following the pandemic protocols. As a symbol of good long-term supports and partnership, the officials planted kelengkeng (longan)  tree in the schoolyard. By accepting the new school building, teachers can use the facility to prepare learning activities and materials, even in recently school-from-home regulations.


We acknowledge all the supports given by the funders that have helped to fulfill children’s dreams in having proper school facilities. The contribution, not limited to grant and building materials has come from Moda for Hope, PT. Paragon Technology and Innovation (Wardah), Sudjoko-Ratulangie Family, Klevrin dan Sandrina Sitohang as well as individual donors for Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten; Symphasis Foundation Switzerland, Klevrin dan Sandrina Sitohang dan PT. Prime Natuna Inc as our donors for Pertiwi 2 Gedangan.  PT. USG Boral Plasterboard supports the school with prime ceiling materials (Jayaboard gypsum boards) in both schools.


Our journey will continue, not only in providing access to child-friendly education facilities in remote areas but also in building awareness of the importance of quality early childhood education and its environment.

24 Jul 2020