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21 Apr 22

ars86care webinar - The Hero Within You


On the 10th of April 2022, ars86care foundation held a Webinar The Hero Within You commemorating Kartini Day. The Webinar introduces seven inspirational women who have previously engaged in fundraising activities benefiting ars8c6are foundation beneficiaries. These women have dedicated their time, creative ideas, and effort on a global scale to elevate the concept of giving back to the community. Their stories echo inspiration and motivation to help build access for early childhood education in Central Java. 


During the Webinar, each donor was introduced to their direct beneficiaries who shared stories of the impact they gave which changed their lives. Many if not all of ars86care foundation beneficiaries are communities marginalized with small incomes. The majority of them are teachers and farmers. The schools that had received help are the ones that previously did not own a school building or have one but are in very poor physical condition. These teachers dedicated their life to teaching under the most unfortunate circumstances, some have taught for more than twenty years. The school committee did what it could to help under the circumstances but can only do so much. In retrospect, the monthly tuition fee for these schools is IDR 10.000 equivalent to 0,17 USD which is not a sum that these parents who work as farmers can afford. These are the facts that brought many of these donors together and delivered change. 


Everyone who was present to speak represented an organization. We were privileged to have Ibu Lensi Lenggono from Moda for Hope based in Singapore, who advocated sustainable fashion by selling high-quality pre-loved items for charity. Her action dates back to 2018 and has since fundraised to help build five Kindergarten Villages in Central Java. Ibu Cindy, founder of Seratus Anak Emas, donated hand-drawn shirts for children in Pertiwi Pelemrejo Kindergarten in 2022.  Seratus Anak Emas started their social activities in 2018. Their fundraising effort benefits 100 children within the golden age of 0-6 years old. The work includes selling hand-drawn shirts of "I Love Jakarta" which feature the Jakarta skyline to introduce the city's landmarks to children. All profit from the sale goes to the development of early childhood. 


Eugene Vanya from Aksi Cinta Indonesia was a part of Anak Indonesia Berbagi Bahagia, a musical from home charity event which aired virtually back in December 2021. The Charity showcased children singing a musical number from home with ticket profit benefiting children in Pertiwi Pelemrejo Kindergarten. Ibu Inta Bozkurt from IWEN HOUSTON USA, auctioned Songket from Palembang to raise funds in a virtual Auction Event for Kartini Day in 2021. Alicia Hartono and Caitlin Wiranata donated their musical talent in a mini-concert held in 2018 at Balai Kertanegara which was able to fund an entire school building of Pertiwi 1 Penadaran Kindergarten in Grobogan Municipality. Last but not least, Andina Sabri alongside her friends at EXO L, is a group of Indonesian fans who love EXO since 2012. Their love for music united them and inspired them to give back to the community. They donated their profit from selling EXO merchandise to help build Pertiwi Pelemrejo Kindergarten.


Overall, all elements from the event generated so much kindness behind each journey of our beneficiaries as well as donors. We hope our stories inspire other communities to form ideas and creativity in which they could also bring impact and make change for those minor communities in need.

21 Apr 2022