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24 Jul 13

Child Friendly Space Quality Improvement at Nusa Indah 3 Kindergarten at Jragung Village, Karangawen Demak, Central Java, Funded by Credit Suisse and Kid's Best Friend, Renovated by Ars86care


Nusa Indah 3 Kindergarten has long been using storage rooms in between two elementary schools buildings at Nusa Indah elementary school. Twenty three kindergarten students had to study in the inadequate educational space daily. Fortunately, this temporary building made out of half bricks and woods, with unfinished hard cement floor, will soon be change to a new school building. Thanks to Credit Suisse, and individual funders and Kid’s Best Friend of ars86care who have made this possible.  Managed by ars86care foundation, a group of Indonesian architects who are concerned about providing better quality child-friendly environment, the students at Nusa Indah 3 Kindergarten will start lessons at the improved school building at the end of this year.     


Located at Jragung village, Karangawen - is about two hours from Semarang City (-/+ 25 km) - Nusa Indah 3 Kindergarten is initiated by local communities, mostly in traditional farming. The school has highly dedicated teachers who tirelessly teach and support their students in order to give the best possible early education to the children in Jragung village. The spirit to learn remains high. In the long run, we expect the school to improve its condition and its service to be able to serve more children in the village.

Incorporating local culture and community, the school building project was initiated through “Bedah Bumi”, a ritual rich in Javanesse culture influence and Islam religious background comprising of prayers and “gudangan” meals at the future building site. Attended by the “lurah” or head of the village, school committee, school principal, and labor workers, and ars86care team, the humble ceremony officiated the building foundation points at the site location.    


Beyond its construction development, the Kindergarten Building program is an effort dedicated to early childhood education as part of increasing the quality of Child Influential Space[1] to grow up in the City or Municipalities. Under the framework of Child Friendly City, this project is recognized as one of children right’s provision where stakeholders from corporate and civil society with philanthropic spirit, play their role for the benefit of children in their formative years.  


Credit Suisse AG

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24 Jul 2013