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04 Apr 16

Community Establishment as a Positive Respond


Community involvement in building and developing their own local area doesn’t come freely without certain awareness towards the community’s necessities. Each layer of every community has their own part to play in order to enhance their social skills, economy development, and environment awareness. Within this process there are two type of approach, which are bottom up where the community acts as equal partners and top down where the authority acts as the main coordinator and facilitator which will provide opportunity and a solid working system.


Recently, there have been many discussion forums within communities all across Indonesia. Musrenbang is one of them. Musrenbang (Musyawarah Perencanaan dan Pembangunan) is a forum which highly involves the community’s contribution towards building their local areas within the scale of their village or even higher. The main purpose of these type of forums is to strengthen and build independent communities which can rely on themselves (individually or even as a group)


Ars86care foundation has started working with communities in  Mranggen district within Demak in 2010 through several activities such as Coloring Competition which were participated by 750 kindergarten children, Primary Children Workshop, also an Introduction to Environment Friendly Materials within Primary Schools. Two years after, renovation on Kindergartens through the Space to Build program started with TK RA Kartini which is located Tamansari Village, Mranggen district, Demak. Soon after this was followed by the next Kindergarten until 11 schools were renovated in Demak areas and Grobogan areas.


The positive respond from the community is shown through initiatives form the school’s principals and teachers which manage to build their own small community in partners with ars86care foundation. The community itself consist not only teachers and principals but also local partners in East Semarang Region where ars86care foundation had been engage with since 2010. This community becomes the immediate respond of the child friendly school’s necessities in partners with ars86care foundation, especially in creating social networking, and open communication with one another.


With the establishment of this community it elevates the capability of the people to become independent and verify themselves as the “Agent of Change” in their own environment. This community base will hope to inspire other schools in the neighboring areas to be in high spirit of positive change towards a better outcome for the future.


This is also proven through a three days Capacity Building for Kindergarten teachers continued with a workshop on Processing Reusable materials into daily goods. This event is held in a 3 period series (October 2015 and March 2016 according to different sets of location) attended by school communities and members of ars86care foundation partners, Kindergarten Principals from other areas ; 98 participants from Mraggen village, 34 from Karangawen village, 37 Guntur village, 36 from Tegowanu village and 46 participants from Gubug village, Grobogan District.



04 Apr 2016