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07 Nov 12

Credit Suisse Voluntary Event at Kartini Kindergarten Ngemplak Village, Mranggen, Demak, Central Java, Renovated by Ars86care


Kartini Kindergarten students have been getting ready for months to welcome Credit Suisse Volunteers on November 24, 2012. The children greeted them with songs while flapping Indonesian flag and performed some dances. Located in Ngemplak village, Mranggen, Demak, one hour drive from Semarang city, this once abandoned village kindergarten has been renovated by ars86care foundation, thanks to funding from Credit Suisse. Adopting the Child Friendly School concept, children were asked to imagine their future school by asking them to draw their new school. The school has been designed to achieve safety, security, and comfort standards, while allowing children to also decorate their school. These two classrooms were designed to be eco-friendly by optimizing sun light and natural ventilation. Moreover, lawn on the playground, separate trash cans, medicinal plantations such as Sawo and Ketapang have been provided. Boys and girls have separate toilets and hand washing areas.

The welcome started early in the morning with the release of pigeons and balloons. Attended by local authorities and the school’s committee, Credit Suisse volunteers worked with children of Mranggen to decorate their school.  Each volunteer has assisted two children as their adopted teacher of the day to do these activities together. Hand in hand these “teacher” with their students worked hard doing hand printing on the walls, art and craft activities such as recycling paper origami, and t-shirt painting. It was theexperience of a lifetime for both, the Mranggen children and the Credit Suisse volunteers. Semar, a wise wayang icon handed out goody bags containings environmental coloring books and crayons, assorted cookies, juice, and lunch for the children.

On the other part of the school site, more volunteers tirelessly painted furnitures, fences, and play- ground equipments, while others planting trees, covering the play ground surface with grass, and working on the mural drawn by the children’s art teacher. The People of Ngemplak village saw samples from Credit Suisse volunteers take good care of their environment, including picking up trash from the ground.  In a full one day event, the school has been decorated by 53 volunteers from Credit Suisse’s Jakarta and Singapore office, in co-operation with 20 ars86care volunteers and the people of Mranggen, Demak. The Credit Suisse Volunteer’s event was an exciting and fulfilling learning process for all.  


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07 Nov 2012