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04 Feb 21

Entering 2021, Dharma Wanita Kindergarten in Klewor and Kedungmulyo are Welcomed as Our School Partners


Everyone would definitely agree that 2020 had been such a challenging year. The covid-19 pandemic that globally affected almost all countries has significant impact on many sectors, including the early childhood education. Nevertheless, we are very impressed by the Foundation’s school partners’ good vibe on teaching and learning activities. Children’s enthusiasm during their school-from-home learning process and teachers’ passion on interacting with their students shows positivity above all limitations.


In 2020, apart from our three main programs, Space to Build, Word to Share, and Value to Do, we also conducted the Covid-19 Response program, as response in supporting the continuity of the teaching and learning activities of ars86care foundation school partners affected by the pandemic condition. These include several activities such as Learning from Home (providing study at home packages for children), Rotating Library (Estafet Buku Anak), and Baca Buku Anak (short videos in reading the storybooks using the read-aloud method).  


Entering 2021, ars86care foundation continue its regular program in providing child-friendly schools for early childhood in Indonesia. The handover ceremony of two schools on January 21st, 2021 had been held to mark the completion of its construction phase. Those two schools are Dharma Wanita Kindergarten in Klewor village and Kedungmulyo village, both are located in Kemusu District, Boyolali Municipality. The ceremony that was conducted with secure protocol as appealed to province government, attended by Head of the Education and Culture Department of Boyolali Municipality, Regional Coordinator of the Primary & Informal Education Kemusu District, Head of Kemusu District (Camat), Heads of Klewor, and Kedungmulyo Villages (Lurah), school committees, principals and teachers of two schools. Due to pandemic area restriction, ars86care foundation project team and Board members were attending the event virtually, which was also witnessed by the ars86care foundation volunteers, friends, and teacher colleagues of School Partners Paguyuban from Demak, Grobogan, Gunungkidul, and Boyolali Municipalities.


We would like to express our gratitude for those who have contributed to the establishment of these two schools, in particular to our respectful donors who have given full support to the ars86care foundation program in Boyolali Municipality, Central Java. Appreciation is highly addressed to Credit Suisse for supporting the Dharma Wanita Kedungmulyo Kindergarten; and to Symphasis Foundation, Imelda Masagung, and Sahabat Anak Indonesia for supporting the Dharma Wanita Klewor Kindergarten. Last but not least,  to Prime Natuna Inc. and to PT. The USG Boral Plasterboard (Jayaboard) for supporting both two schools.  These contributions specifically benefit the children and teachers in the future years, as well as the village community in the two affiliated villages at large.

04 Feb 2021