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04 Dec 15



On the 4th of December 2015, ars86care foundation held a Hand Over Event for two schools in TK PKK GEROTAN and BLEKONANG in Gunung Kidul Special Region Yogyakarta. These two schools were funded by Credit Suisse and The Nexans Foundation. This year marks the first ever Green Feature school in our projects and with the help and contributions from The Nexans Foundation, we were able to move forward with our Green Feature concepts. These features includes, solar energy system, LED lighting, rain water harvesting reservoir (water tank, water reservoir, water pump), surface water absorption (biopori holes), vertical garden, and trash management (indoor and outdoor). The importance of Green Feature concepts lies in the climate change issues that we need to answer. Seeing the level of awareness that people in Gunung Kidul has upon the issue, we feel strongly that these schools can set an excellent example for it’s community and the region.


This event was attended by several Head Officers including, representative from section of sub district authority,  Head Villages from Tepus and Purwodadi Village and two School Principals.  We were also very privilleged to have Mr.Muslih Arifin, a Country  Manager attending the event as a representative from The Nexans Foundation.


The event started at 10.00 am in TK PKK Blekonang, with a performance by the children. The day continues with speeches from ars86care Foundation, the Nexans Foundation representator and several Head Officers. This Event stresses on the value of the project and why Green Features are very important to understand and to be implemented in schools. The dream of ars86care Foundation is to build and create a safe space for children, and this school is one of the result.  In the spirit of raising awareness towards green living, the event follows a series of activities which includes planting endemic plants (Dadap tree : Erythina crista-galli), creating vertical garden (consisting of: medicinal plants), and making surface water absorption (biopori holes). 


Parents from Blekonang school took part in this event by showing a demonstration of crafting jewelry made from copper. This activity are usually done by parents while waiting for their children during school. These handcrafted jewelry are very unique and creatively made. By having many participants involved in this event, we hope that the level of awareness towards this project can spread itself up and will result in the community’s sense of belonging towards the schools. 

04 Dec 2015