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08 Dec 23

Handover of the 38th and 39th ars86care foundation’s School Partners in Grobogan Municipality, Central Java


Since 2007, ars86care foundation has always strived to make an impact to school communities so they could elevate the quality of early childhood education. For 16 years, we now have four school communities spreading across Demak, Grobogan, and Boyolali Municipality, Central Java, as well as Gunungkidul in Special Region of Yogyakarta, with more than 5000 teachers and 500.000 children as our partners. Our main goal is to build strong school communities to support the importance of early childhood education as the main foundation for a child’s development.


Rural villages across Indonesia still lack the physical and awareness of a proper early childhood education. The right of these children to learn and play in safe space environment is not met with the current standard quality of building safety and proper functioning schools. Ars86care foundation aims to create infrastructure provision in rural villages by creating strong communities that could support the potential growth of children from 0 to 6 years old.


We work closely with village communities, teachers, and parents to build a healthy school community that aims to accommodate children with the best space for them to learn and play so they can grow to their fullest potential. Alongside the village’s community, we are also very fortunate to have volunteers as well as donors who share the same goal as us and have always given their fullest support in fulfilling our projects.


On the 17th of November, we were proud to expand our school partner and welcomed our 38th and 39th schools in Grobogan Municipality, Dharma Wanita 1 Kropak Kindergarten and Tunggak Semi 1 Dapurno Kindergarten, through a handover ceremony. The handover ceremony was held at Dharma Wanita 1 Kropak Kindergarten and was attended by ars86care’s team, Wirosari District personnel, the Regional Education Coordinator of Wirosari District, Kropak and Dapurno Village head and staff, as well as IGTKI Grobogan and kindergarten teachers.


After the official signing on both sides, the event was then continued with hand prints on the school wall. All guests were welcome to have their hand printed on one side of the wall using paint as a symbol of closeness between the school community, village, and donors. Two trees were also planted, symbolizing unity for years to come.


Thank you to all donors who supported ars86care foundation in providing a quality early childhood education.

08 Dec 2023