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17 Apr 23

Join the "One Chair for a Million Dreams" Campaign This Year to Build One School


Many rural parts in Indonesia still struggle to provide proper access to a quality early childhood education. In these unfortunate circumstances, many children in their golden age failed to thrive and grow to their fullest potential. This urgency is what we have to overcome in order to mold the future leader of Indonesia.


In 2023, ars86care foundation will continue our program to establish school building infrastructure in Grobogan Municipality. Through “One Chair for a Million Dreams” campaign, we ask communities to unite and help raise funds for these children so they have a safe space to learn and play.


Pertiwi Pelemrejo Kindergarten in Boyolali Municipality was built through a collective effort from various communities and donors who collaborated in the 2021 One Chair in a Million Dreams Campaign. The building is now a safe space for kindergarten children in Pelemrejo Village to learn and play. Facilitating the school community with proper classrooms, a playground, and a health room equipped with green features to promote green living for the village community.


This year, we need 40 chairs to renovate and build one Kindergarten Village in Grobogan Municipality, which will have green and child-friendly features to support the golden age of each child so they can grow to their fullest potential.


Donate one chair for the opportunity to make a child’s dream come true. By donating one chair, you have helped fulfill the dreams of millions of Indonesian children who have yet to receive proper access to a quality early childhood education.

17 Apr 2023