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19 Mar 14

Pembangunan Kindergarten Program, Gubug, Grobogan, Central Java, Funded by Eight for Agape and Kids' Best Friend, Developed by Ars86care Foundation


Pembangunan Kindergarten is ars86care foundation fifth school program under Space to Build, located at Gubug village, Grobogan where most population work in trading, as farmer, or as labor worker. Pembangunan Kindergarten is one from the other school at Gubug village that subsidized and funded by local authority and community, but unfortunately don’t have school building since the school borrows a class from existing elementary school.


75 children in Pembangunan Kindergarten are tutored by high dedicated teachers who teach in a borrowed classroom from elementary school nearby. The children have a good opportunity to have early childhood education in this kindergarten, to have them ready to school.


With high spirit in learning, positive impacts are hopped. This school has been waiting for a long period to renovate their school building and serve its community especially children in their early childhood to learn and play. Pembangunan kindergarten has also planned to develop early childhood education after kindergarten school hour.


Funded by multi-donors, the school renovation has started from September 18, 2013 and hand-over at February 19, 2014. Pembangunan Kindergarten program will be completed by Family Volunteering Event which will be plotted by April 26, 2014 under ars86care program, Value to Do, an event where intergeneration can be actively involved in fun activities such as: gardening, furniture painting, recycle art and craft, and more as a starting point to build public awareness, changing mind-set, and public habits in providing education facility that safe, secure and comfortable for children to develop their full potential and to grow their attitude towards the environment.


Two healthy classrooms separated by folding door and wide windows, this classroom can be used as activities out of school hour such as parent teacher’s meeting or other activities held by school community or simply the villagers. The doors opening face to the corridor outside the classroom, so that when the children get rush to go out of classroom such as in disaster time, they won’t be jammed in front of the classroom door if the door open the other way.  


Thanks to the funders who consist of a group of individuals we call them Kids’ Best Friend and Eight for Agape, who make this school development happened. In the long run, this physical intervension conducted by ars86care foundation can become a educational media for children, teachers, and school community in maintaining, and taking care of our places and the environment [SR]. 


Ars86care foundation

Ars86care foundation started with a group of Indonesian architects who were concerned about the environment and wanted to improve environment quality as legacy for their children. Ars86care is a registered foundation for children, the environment, and education, with three main programs, including Space to Build, Words to Share, and Value to Do. The mission of ars86care foundation is to promote and to create high quality, child-friendly living spaces in order to achieve a better quality of life for the children, who are the future of Indonesia. The group has worked with over 1,000 volunteers sinceit’s establishment in 2007.

19 Mar 2014