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07 Jul 24

Run For School is Back!


Run for School 2024 is a 10K virtual charity run in support of building Dharma Wanita 1 Ketangirejo Kindergarten in Grobogan Municipality, Central Java. The run can be completed from anywhere within the running period of July 14 – August 14, 2024.


Ars86care foundation has a mission to help provide a quality early childhood education to support children’s wellbeing at their golden age. Run for School provides the media for everyone to have a great time exercising while doing good at the same time. Using the opportunity to run while donating for a good cause.


Your involvement will create better opportunities for children in the rural areas of Central Java to have a better early childhood where they deserve a safe space to learn and play. So, get your gear on today, and let’s be the early childhood heroes for these children.

07 Jul 2024