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08 Jun 12

School Renovation at Demak Central Java Funded by Singapore Based Indonesian Community


Nothing is more touch than seeing Ms Yuli, the principal at Kartini Kindergarten Taman Sari Mranggen Demak, wet eyes, saying thank you over and over. As village kindergarten, budget for building maintenance is extremely low. Back in September 2011, the corridor roof was torn down with no ceramic on floor. The wall made by old wood with holes here and there, where no sign of ceiling. An old tire was used as toilet with no roof at all.

Managed by ars86care, the almost demolished school is standing back and ready to serve up to sixty 4-6 year old student nearby. Thanks to Singapore based Indonesian community who funded the whole project.  

Beside durability and safety factor, the kindergarten is renovated with some green features including: natural light and air circulation optimizing, develop some absorbing well in green and play space, reuse of some building materials, recycle of furniture, using local material, and replanting. Ars86care, a group of architect from Parahyangan University, sees the importance of environment education starting from early childhood to build a stronger and caring character in Indonesian children. 

08 Jun 2012