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10 Jul 12

School Renovation at Mranggen, Demak Central Java funded by Credit Suisse


Memorandum of Understanding between Credit Suisse and Yayasan Arsitek86 Peduli (ars86care), an Indonesian non-profit organization for children, education, and environment, is signed by June 14 2012. Credit Suisse agrees to make a grant to fund the renovation of Kartini Kindergarten, located at Ngemplak, Mranggen, Demak, Central Java. The Credit Suisse donation underpins one of the key elements of the bank’s philanthropic activities – supporting disadvantaged children through education in lesser developed countries.

Managed by ars86care, the almost demolished village school is renovated to serve 40-60 children aged 4-6 year old who live nearby. The kindergarten will be developed to be a child friendly school that place durability, safety, comfort, and flexibility as necessary. The school is renovated with green features including natural light and air circulation optimizing, several absorbing well in green and play area, reuse of some building materials, using local material, recycle of old furniture, separate trash bin, reuse rain water to water plan and replanting. Supporting facilities are also developed such as children hand washing area, separate boy and girl toilets, water supply and black water system.

Ars86care (please see, a group of architects from Parahyangan University class of 1986, sees the importance of environment education starting from early childhood to build a stronger and caring character in Indonesian children to love the environment where they grow up.


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10 Jul 2012