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24 Dec 23

Season Greeting from ars86care foundation


We are very thankful to each person who has supported ars86care foundation these past 16 years. We were entrusted to carry out our programs, which have a profound impact on the school communities in Central Java and Special Region of Yogyakarta.


This year, we are grateful to have the opportunity to create a big impact in Boyolali Municipality through our Teacher's Training Program. We also welcomed our 38th and 39th school partners in Grobogan Municipality, Tunggak Semi 1 Dapurno and Dharma Wanita 1 Kropak Kindergarten.


In our attempt to fundraise for our 40th school partner, we were able to gather our friends and family to participate in Run for School and Anak Indonesia Berbagi Bahagia 3. Both events successfully increased awareness of our projects and brought to light the importance of early childhood education.


Thank you to all who have supported and trusted us with our program, which provides a safe space for Indonesian children to learn and play. We hope the impact we had this year can be multiplied in our projected programs in 2024, benefiting teachers, parents, and children.


Have a magical holiday season!

24 Dec 2023