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12 Jul 21

The Virtual Handover of Pertiwi Kedunglengkong and Pertiwi Kunti Kindergarten in Boyolali as the 34th and 35th ars86care foundation’s School Partner


ars86care foundation welcomes Pertiwi Kedunglengkong Kindergarten in Kedunglengkong Village-Simo District and Pertiwi Kunti Kindergarten in Kunti Village – Andong District as part of the ars86care foundation’s School Partner. The Hand Over ceremony was held on the 29th and 30th of June 2021  for both schools. This ceremony marks the 9th and 10th school built in Boyolali municipality and overall marks the 34th and 35th school which was under the Space to Build Program. Took 18 – 19 weeks of construction process, it started in February 2021 and was completed in June 2021 with a strict Covid-19 protocol on site. We are thankful for the foundation’s 14 years of journey in opening broader access for early childhood education, especially in providing proper infrastructure in rural areas in Central Java.


Aiming its purpose, the formal hand-over ceremony had to be carried out as soon as building construction reaches its completion for further use by the beneficiaries. Considering national and regional conditions affected by pandemics, the events were conducted online. Therefore, responding to regional regulations, the event had to follow the protocols required, those are limited presence on-site, full masked, limited face-to-face time duration, safely physical distancing. Board of ars86care foundation were joining the event through Zoom applications, as well as Head of Ministry of Education Body of Boyolali municipality, Mr. Darmanto, S.Pd.. Fortunately, since it became online, most of the foundation’s network (volunteers, donors, relatives, colleagues, school teachers from Paguyuban of Gunung Kidul, Demak, Grobogan, and Boyolali) could join the event virtually. Mr. Darmanto showed his appreciation towards the foundation’s program, which has reached 10 school communities in Boyolali area, covering six districts (Cepogo, Simo, Sambi, Sawit, Kemusu, and Andong) since 2019. “On behalf of the Boyolali authorities and the Ministry of Education of Boyolali, we extend our deepest gratitude for ars86care foundation who have shown great commitment in improving the quality of education in Boyolali. We are fully aware that working together with different communities and groups can elevate our goal to quality education in Boyolali municipality. Once again, we thank ars86care foundation for its programs and dedication in developing early childhood education in Boyolali municipality”.


The previous condition of Pertiwi Kedunglengkong school facility and borrowed room of Pertiwi Kunti were inappropriate to accommodate learning activities. Limited spaces to cater two classes (different grades), leaky roof with no ceiling tiles above, no teachers’ office, one small outside toilet room used by teachers and students as well are many reasons that urgent to be coped.  For years, Pertiwi Kunti Kindergarten never had a proper building, while Pertiwi Kunti had to borrow unused village property and had to share space with preschools. Limited space impacts to possibilities of growth, while there are high potentials in getting bigger (location of school facility, population of children under 4 years old in the area, etc.). However, these were hard to implemented due to the limited budget of the village annual budget to be shared with other sectors (agriculture, infrastructures, health, etc.).


The new school building brings new hope to the children and school community, become a safe area for children to learn and play. Equipped with expandable two separate classrooms, one teacher’s room, two toilets, a mini pantry, and an outdoor playground, the school facility is completed with a vertical garden area, herbs corner, trees to encourage the community to develop local sources. There is an additional feature added in the school is an outdoor water basin to accommodate the Covid-19 prevention regulations. We are hopeful that the school community, together with the village authorities and the people, could take good care of the property for future generations ahead.


We are honoured by the support from our donor for their full support in these programs. The generous attention has provided Pertiwi Kunti Kindergarten and Pertiwi Kedunglengkong Kindergarten with proper access to a quality early childhood education. Last but not least the support gained from the school community, the village, and of the people are the important element to a sustainable school environment. 

12 Jul 2021