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30 Jun 23

Welcoming Two New ars86care foundation’s School Partners in Grobogan Municipality


On the 5th of June 2023, ars86care foundation held an offline MoU signing, which was conducted for our 38th and 39th school partners in Central Java. The event was attended by representatives of ars86care foundation including Bapak Riyadi Djoko Ekariyanto as Chairman of ars86care foundation. These new schools are located in Kropak and Dapurno Village, Grobogan Municipality, Central Java, and will undergo a 20-week construction process, starting in early July.


The two schools are located within low-income families with backgrounds ranging from laborers to farmers. Our involvement will help provide a space for the village to have a safe space for children to learn and play, which will be integrated with the local healthcare system and provide assistance for pre-kindergarten as well as mothers in need.


The previous condition of the school was very alarming, with minimum space, broken tiles, broken windows, and a leaky roof, which caused severe learning problems for daily activities with teachers and children. With these conditions, the children are forced to settle in a very poor environment for them to study.


Early childhood education has always been an important aspect of a child’s growth. Our foundation strives to provide quality early childhood education in our focus area of Central Java, largely due to the fact that the amount of infrastructure provided within the area does not meet the high number of children. We reach out to people who are willing to work together to solve this urgent problem. Our One Chair for A Million Dreams Campaign allows different communities to join together and help raise funds to help build the schools in need.


We are happy to be working hand in hand with wonderful communities and wonderful individuals who have helped fundraise and give funding to our school renovation program. Without the humanitarian hearts of our fellow funders and fundraisers, we would not be here to continue our important mission of establishing quality early childhood education. In 2024, we will carry out this mission through our One Chair For A Million Dream Campaign, where we will invite other communities as well as individuals to join us in creating a better learning opportunity for children in their golden years in Central Java.

30 Jun 2023