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20 Jan 18

VOLUNTEERING EVENT 2018 - DWIJA WIYATA KINDERGARTEN, Duwet, Tepus, Gunung Kidul, D.I Yogyakarta


With support from Credit Suisse, local organization Ars86care foundation, has completed the building of two Kindergartens with environmentally features in the Gunung Kidul area in Central Java. As part of Credit Suisse’s ongoing support of Ars86care’s school building efforts, Credit Suisse’s CEO Asia Pacific Helman Sitohang will join 40 volunteers from the bank’s Jakarta and Singapore offices on a volunteering trip on 20 January.


The two kindergartens that benefitted from the program are Dwija Wiyata Kindergarten, Purwodadi, Tepus, Gunung Kidul and TK PKK2 Giripanggung, Giripanggung village, Tepus, Gunung Kidul. Under the program, these kindergartens have green features installed for each school, including solar panel system, water absorption holes, rainwater harvesting tank, vertical garden, and the school reduce-reuse-recycle center.


At the upcoming event, Credit Suisse volunteers will help in creating environmentally friendly educational tools and take part in activities to get the kindergartens ready for classes. The volunteers will also get to interact with the children to better understand the community that they have helped.



At the event, the new Dwija Wiyata Kindergarten school will be launched.  Village Officials, School Teachers, parents as well as Credit Suisse volunteers will be attending this event at Dwija Wiyata Kindergarten, Purwodadi (Duwet), Tepus, Gunung Kidul on the 20th January 2018. 


Ars86care is active in promoting the importance of green living and thus encourage the building of a vertical garden at the kindergarten. Credit Suisse volunteers will assist in the construction of the vertical garden, help to plant trees and make water absorption holes to increase water absorption. Other outdoor activities related to the green living theme include the  painting of trash bins to be used as recycling bins.


This year, the volunteers will join the students in creating an environmentally friendly educational tool which can be used in classroom teaching. The children will be taught to identify colors, shape and texture by learning to make their own Play-Dough from everyday materials, which they can easily find at their home.


Volunteers will also participate in activities that will help make refurbish the kindergarten, including painting of desks and chairs for the classrooms.


At the end of the day, Volunteers will accompany some of the children in their walk back to their homes. This 30 minute-walk will be together with the teachers, village community, and parents. During this walk, the Credit Suisse volunteers will have an opportunity to interact with the community that they have helped while going through the journey these children make each day to reach school. Having a safe journey to school is part of Ars86care vision in promoting Child-friendly Space as an implementation of Child’s Right Convention.


Credit Suisse has partnered with Ars86care since 2012 to provide resources needed to improve infrastructure and classrooms facilities of kindergarten in Indonesia. This is the sixth year that Credit Suisse employees are volunteering to support the Ars86care in creating Child Friendly Spaces and Sustainable Communities, demonstrating the bank’s commitment in contributing to the education sector in Indonesia.


Ars86care Foundation aims to promote the concept of Child Friendly Spaces through its School Renovation Program with a mission to help renovate Kindergartens across Central Java, Indonesia. Having this mission, we deliver our result through one of our program that helps to re-build and renovate kindergarten across Central of Java and Special region of Yogyakarta in order to achieve Child Friendly School and a sustainable community. With the help of our Donors we thrive to hand in hand reach our main goal.




Ars86care foundation

Ars86care foundation started with a group of Indonesian architects who were concerned about the environment and wanted to improve environment quality as legacy for their children. Ars86care is a registered foundation for children, the environment, and education, with three main programs, including Space to Build, Words to Share, and Value to Do. The mission of ars86care foundation is to promote and to create high quality, child-friendly living spaces in order to achieve a better quality of life for the children, who are the future of Indonesia. The group has worked with over 1,000 volunteers since its establishment in 2007.


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20 Jan 2018