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24 Apr 18

Improving Capacity Building on Kindergarten teachers and principal in Wonosari District, Karangmojo, Semanu, Tepus and Tanjugsari, Gunung Kidul Municipality, D.I Yogyakarta.


On the 20th of February until the 23rd February 2018, ars86care Foundation had successfully held a Teacher’s Training Program involving 186 Kindergarten Principals from 5 different municipalities (Tanjungsari, Tepus, Semanu, Wonosari and Karangmojo) within the Central of Java. Credit Suisse funded this event from their 2017 grant.


The idea of this program is to elevate the teacher’s knowledge of teaching method and have them certified at the end of the course. Ars86care Foundation worked with several different speakers for this event and other organization to conduct a 4-day training.




The Program was held in two batches:


  • Batch 1: 20-22 February at Negeri Semanu Kindergarten, Gunungkidul, D.I Yogyakarta
  • Batch 2: 21-23 Februari at Wareng Community Centre, Wonosari, Gunungkidul, D.I Yogyakarta


The event involved several key speaker which cater to the major topics, including:


  • Building resilience for Kindergarten children
  • How to manage a child friendly school
  • To develop children’s creativity by using educational tools
  • Reading out loud
  • To learn practical and interactive skill (workshop on creating creative education tools from recycled and everyday materials)


The energy these teachers gave during the training filled up the room. Everyone was very keen on learning something new each time a new speaker showed up. One of the most anticipated sessions they had was creating creative educational tools from materials you could find around the house.


“I was really impressed when we started creating creative Educational Tools, we get to take home a lot of the tools that we did and could share them to the others at the school” Suwarsilah, TK ABA Kemadong


ars86care Foundation hope to be able to cater to these teachers by addressing their needs of innovation, motivation, and creativity. With them having the capacity to grow, it will surely translate to how the children adapt in the classroom.


“Please continue and improve of this sharing knowledge, because we can grow from all the knowledge that we absorb. I hope it will always be successful, we all love Indonesia” Ibu Parjimah, TK ABA Karangmojo XIII


24 Apr 2018