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08 Aug 18



On the 7th until the 8th of July 2018, ars86care Foundation had successfully held a Team Building Event which is apart of it’s Capacity Building Program. A total of 70 Teachers and Facilitators from ars86care Foundation partners in Demak and Grobogan took part in the event, 22 Teachers/Principal came from Gunung Kidul, 35 Teacher/Principal came from Demak-Grobogan and 8 participants were from ars86care Foundation’s Board and staff member.



The event was supported by The Eight for Agape Foundation, an Indonesian Community based in Singapore who supports the well-being of  Indonesian education. The event was held in Jawa Dwipa Hotel, Tawangmangu-Karangayar, Central Java. The event was designed for Principal and Teachers to learn and grow with ars86care Foundation so both party could help one another.



This Team Building Event is also designed to create a sense of togtherness amongst the teachers, creating team work, and a sense of belonging as partners of ars86care Foundation. The participation of ars86care Foundation during this Team Building is to further establish kinship and to get to know each other better.



This event aims to send a clear message on the importance of team work in order to ahieve targets. These teachers were able to received the message and plan to implement them back to their school. To reach this goal , the event had designed customized games to trigger these teachers into solving problem together through small workshop  and exercises. They were able to understand their strength and weaknesses and use it to their advantage. The teachers were even encourage to dance, sing, and create performances on stage.



 In the outdoor activities, competition of two groups is conducted to face the challenges in a form of games using simple tools that forced each team to build their teamwork to win the game. These are some testimonials from the teachers and principals, participants of the team building event:



“This was fun, dont stop here, add more simulation and take us to more challenging places” Farohah, local partner ars86care Foundation, Demak and Grobogan”



“Very fun, I am trully motivated and will maintain communication and team work amongst each teachers”, Indah, Pemekarbudi Kindergarten, Mranggen, Demak”



“Spectaculer, add more simulation, dont stop here, let’s another one”, Puji Lestari, PKK Sumberwungu Kindergarten, Tepus, Gunungkidul.



“Fun, a thorough team work excercises, please have another one for next year”, Bekti Winarni, PKK Sumberwungu Kindergarten, Tepus, Gunungkidul.


08 Aug 2018