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18 Oct 18

2018 ars86care Foundation


On the 29th of September 2018, ars86care Foundation held it’s annual Volunteering Event at Dharmawanita 2 Kindergarten, Karangpasar Village-Grobogan Semarang, Central Java.  Attended by 30 Volunteers, flying all the way from Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta representing Moda for Hope Foundation, Agape Foundation and friends of ars86care Foundation.



The Volunteering program implements the concept of child friendly space and green lifestyle in our built environment (that is the education facilities that the foundation has been built). The Event accommodates interactive relationships between children, teachers, parents, authorities, donators etc. 
The activities are designed for all who concerns, as one of ars86care foundation program that opens up opportunities to become the Agent of Change, every person involved in the activities will become activator/driver for their local communities.



Dharmawanita 1 Kindergarten, Karangpasar Village, Tegowanu, Grobogan-Semarang, is the twenty third-kindergarten school that has been renovated by ars86care foundation built in parallel with Tunas Mekar 1 Kindergarten as school number twenty-two. Subsidized and funded by the local administration as well as local communities (mainly parents), it is located in Demak-Grobogan Region located approximately 70 kilometer away from Semarang city. Attended by 36 students daily, the kindergarten school had been assisted by two dedicated teachers. The school has no facilities of it’s own but has a promising number of students and is the only Kindergarten within the area. Previously the school building was in bad condition (roof leakage, cracked floor surface, etc.) and had no toilets. They were using a minimum facility, however they have a promising umber of students in the area.



The Event started early in the morning, as Volunteers travelled approximately 1.5 hour to the school location from Semarang City. Upon arrival, all volunteers were greeted by the children with performances and a morning exercise routine, which then were participated by everyone. The Event is designed to maximize interaction and participation from all volunteers with the children and school community (teachers).The main activities were held indoors and outdoors. A large group of volunteers were paired with the children and spent their time making play-doh from scratch, indoors.  This was proven to be successful as each child learnt colors, textures, and had fun making shapes from the play-doh. The outdoor activities consist of making a vertical garden, creating herbal corner, signage, painting trash bin, painting school furniture and making an absorption water holes (to maximize the absorption of water during drought season). These outdoor activities brought out the best form of creativity from all Volunteers. Each volunteer had managed to successfully help create and design every element to enhance learning interest for the children.



After all the physical activities, we asked all Volunteers (in groups) to take a walk through the village while sending some of the children home. This part of the activity is design to create an understanding of the daily activities and the life lived by these children, gaining insight and understanding of the village and interacts with the parents.  Another highlight after the walk, is meeting teachers coming from all the other 13 schools in Semarang which ars86care Foundation helped renovate. The teachers all shared their journey, discussing all the important changes and innovation they managed to do with the school and also sharing their future dream for the schools.This Event becomes an important part of our program as it provides an opportunity to interact and communicate with all beneficiary of our School Renovation Program.

Until next year

18 Oct 2018