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26 Feb 19

ars86care Foundation 2019 Volunteering Event


On the 23rd of February 2019 ars86care Foundation held it’s annual Volunteering Event located in Pertiwi 1 Kindergarten, Penadaran Village, Gubug, Grobogan, Central Java. This time the Event introduces our 25th Kindergarten, which has been renovated through funding from our multiple Donors. The Kindergarten now benefits from two separate classroom, two separate toilets, a teacher’s room, playground, and green living features.


Ars86care Foundation Volunteering Event allow Donors and other Volunteers to meet children from the School, meet their teachers, meet their parents, and meet the community in the area. The idea of this introduction is to show direct impact the school delivers to all its beneficiaries.


The Event itself took place in the morning where all Volunteers are greeted by a performance from the children of Pertiwi 1 Kindergarten as well as the Marching Band group from the Primary School of Penadaran Village. Each of the volunteers then gathered to participate in varied activities such as making a vertical garden, making a herbs corner, painting chairs and tables also engaging in a story telling activities with the children. The remaining part of the day is spent walking around the village, getting to know the community, where they live and how they earn for a living.


It is a great experience for both the Volunteers and the community to have the day participating in a series of activities together.  The interaction between the Volunteers and the children with its community becomes a memorable moment where the impact from the school could be directly felt and who the change of the school brings so much for the community.


Each year ars86care Foundation hope to expand these interactions by continuing to build and renovate Kindergartens in need of a better infrastructure and strengthening the community in it. This year ars86care Foundation ventures on Boyolali Municipality where we target 10 more schools to also further increase the capacity of teachers involved on those schools.


26 Feb 2019