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08 Oct 19

ars86care foundation Volunteering Event at Pertiwi 2 Kindergarten, Jagoan Village, Boyolali Municipality


ars86care foundation had successfully held a Volunteering Event at Pertiwi 2 Kindergarten in Jagoan Village, Boyolali Municipality, Central Java, on 28th of September 2019. This is the first Volunteering Event that was held in Boyolali Municipality area, marking it the third area for ars86care foundation following Demak-Grobogan and Gunungkidul Municipality. Pertiwi 2 Kindergarten is located in Jagoan Village and Pertiwi Kindergarten in Gunung Village. These schools are the first two

to undergo ars86care foundation school bulding renovation under the Space to Build Program. The idea behind ars86care foundation Volunteering Event is to introduce a habit of using recycled materials and changing it into something practical to be used for daily activities around the school as well as implementing green living lifestyle while encouraging interaction between the donors and the children. To the volunteers, daily activities which are led by the village community as well as the children is very interesting and could be further explore as a material for the event.


Various activities were held in this Volunteering Event, such as indoor activities and outdoor activities. Volunteers were divided into 5 groups, which were assigned to do a different task. The indoor activity group had a task to create a small bag made out of recycled materials (used banner material) joined by children from Pertiwi 2 Kindergarten in Jagoan Village, and the result was a fun decorated bag which children could take home. Whereas, the outdoor activity groups were assigned to paint school furniture, paint outdoor playground equipment, create herbal corner and planting, and making benches from bricks and woods.


There was something interesting at the Volunteering Event this time, where many young participants were involved in this activity. They could bring positive energy and new enthusiasm through this event. They dedicated time to work together and be active in each of our activities. Therefore, to recognize their effort, ars86care foundation handed them a certificate to give appreciation for their hard work in participating in this Volunteering Event.


Aside from doing activities at school, the volunteers were also doing the village tour, to see and understand the village area surrounding the school, as well as interacting with the local community. Even though the weather was very hot at 37 degrees Celsius, the volunteers were still excited. And after that they were also get to visit the Tegalrejo Village to see the construction of the Pertiwi Kindergarten.


The involvement of volunteers and children is expected to develop their sense of togetherness in building Child Friendly Schools and Schools of Environmental Care. Because the importance of providing a safe and comfortable space for children to learn and play is the main focus of ars86care foundation programs.

08 Oct 2019