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04 Dec 19

Share The Love of Christmas by Helping Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten to Build A Proper School


ars86care foundation through its Space to Build Program focuses on school infrastructure provision for Kindergarten in Central Java. At the end of 2019, ars86care foundation would like you to join our mission in building a child friendly school for children in Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten in Boyolali Municipality. Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten itself is the fifth school in Boyolali area and also the thirtieth school to become ars86care foundation partner.


The school itself which was built in 1985, is currently in very bad physical condition, with collapsed roof, limited space for children to learn, and no access to a proper playground area for the children. The school is now barely surviving after 34 years of having to maintain itself without any significant help. The teachers, students, and school as well as village community deserve a place for their future generation to have a safe space for them to learn and play.


This Christmas let us share our joy by helping children of Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten to have a school building and playground area that is safe for them to learn and play. Visit  or to donate (click link in our intagram bio @ars86care) and be the change.

04 Dec 2019