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17 Dec 19

ars86care foundation Hand Over Ceremony Two Kindergartens in Boyolali Municipality


Closing in 2019, ars86care foundation held a successful hand over ceremony for its 28th and 29th school partner in Boyolali Municipality, Pertiwi 2 Jelok Kindergarten and Pertiwi Tegalrejo Kindergarten. As part of the foundation Space to Build program,  the ceremony mark the completion its 20-weeks construction phase. The construction process started with the MOU signing on August 2019.


The two ceremony were conducted separately in each school, which was held on the 13th of December 2019 for Pertiwi Tegalrejo Kindergarten and on the 14th of December 2019 for Pertiwi 2 Jelok Kindergarten. Both ceremonies were attended by ars86care foundation’s Chairman Riyadi D Ekariyanto as well as village officials, local government, parents and teachers from each school. Accompanied by the head of the village, Sarmanto S.Pd., teachers and parents, Ms. Hara Pratesti as principal of Pertiwi Tegalrejo Kindergarten was representing the school management, while Ms. Wahyu Widyaningsih, S.Pd. was accompanied by H. Suparno, head of Jelok village and the school stakeholders. 


One of our donor, PT. Petrojaya Plasterboard (Jayaboard) attended the event, represented by Mr. Andi Chandra, the President Director of PT Petrojaya Plasterboard (Jayaboard). Jayaboard support the program by providing  both schools with high-quality enviromentally friendly ceiling materials.


The schools are now currently equipped with two classrooms, separate toilets, teacher’s room, playground area as well as green living features. These features include well-circulated classrooms, water absorbent well, vertical garden, herbal corner, and trees. As well as being an environmentally friendly facilities, the schools are considered as child-friendly by design. High installed window frames, round columns, soft surface in playground area are some of many features that has been provided in the facilities.


None of these good deeds would happen if not for the full support, trust and investment from our respectful donors. ars86care foundation and all the funders share the same vision and have high hope in facilitating Indonesian children to open up opportunities of Indonesian children to reach a better future. The gotong royong spirit from the school committee, teachers, parents and stakeholders allows a sustainable process for children within the village for many years to come.


“We are working hand in hand to support our children reach their dreams. Our respectful donors fully support a solid and strong school community and stakeholders relationships. Together we shall  provide proper access to a better early childhood education for children across Central Java and all Indonesia in general” quoted Riyadi D. Ekariyanto, Chairman of ars86care foundation.

17 Dec 2019