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21 Jan 20

ars86care foundation Volunteering Event at Pertiwi 2 Jelok Kindergarten in Boyolali Municipality with the crafty community from Graha Decoupage


Every year, ars86care foundation strives to introduce the concept of child-friendly schools through its programs. Value to Do is one of ars86care foundation programs that enlivens the educational process with hands-on experience and green living lifestyle for day to day implementation. This program encourages children in active learning to apply the knowledge in practice as well as learning to love and appreciate their school and their school. The Volunteering Event, which is one of the core activities within the Value to Do Program invites volunteers as well as donors to come and visit the school partners of ars86care foundation.


On the 17th and 18th of January this year, ars86care foundation together with Graha Decoupage community visited Jelok 2 Kindergarten in Boyolali Municipality to decorate school furniture with a decoupage technique. The technique itself is a form of craft where cut out pictures are plastered to an object finished by a transparent furnish.


Volunteers from Graha Decoupage engaged in a series of activities with children from Pertiwi 2 Jelok Kindergarten. The day started with simple introductions followed by sing-alongs and storytelling. The children also helped decorate their school furniture like desks and chairs which were painted in advance the day before. The volunteers also helped with the decorating and created interesting patterns and stamped vegetables, fruits and animal prints. After each furniture were creatively decorated, they coated them with transparent furnish. The children were happy and pleased with their work, and we're hopeful that they would help take care of their school furniture.


After finished with painting and decorating the furniture, each volunteer who was joined by the children had their colorful hand stamp on the school wall as a symbol of unity between children and volunteers working hand in hand together for the school. This too created a sense of joy as well as nourish their sense of belonging towards the school.


Pertiwi 2 Jelok Kindergarten is one of ars86care foundation School Renovation project under the Space to Build Program. The construction process started in August 2019 and was handed over back to the school community and village on the 14th of December 2019. Before the construction, the school’s physical condition was very poor. Both interior and exterior condition of the building was very bad with cracked roof and limited classroom space. The building didn’t have its own toilet and was a borrowed space from the Village’s Elementary School.


After the construction, they now have a comfortable space for them to learn and play. The newly constructed building consists of two classrooms, one teacher’s room, two separate toilets, a mini pantry, and a washing area. The school is also equipped with green features such as water absorption holes and vertical gardens. With an architectural child-friendly concept, the school has windows to maximize usage of natural light and cross ventilation which uses natural energy source to support their daily learning activity. The Volunteer also gave a new level of comfort to the school, which created a beautiful and cheerful atmosphere for their school.

21 Jan 2020