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06 Feb 20

Ars86care Foundation is Welcoming Two New Partners in The Beginning of 2020


For 13 years, ars86care foundation has actively contributed to the community by creating a safe space environment for children to learn and play. In 2020 the foundation will continue its commitment in bringing access to better quality education for our future generations. Through its programs, ars86care foundation thrives to fulfill basic children's right to a fair and quality education. Throughout 2012-2020 ars86care foundation has developed four areas in Central Java province and Special Region of Yogyakarta; those are Demak, Grobogan, Boyolali municipalities in Central Java, and Gunungkidul Municipality in Special Region of Yogyakarta with a total of 29 community school partners.


In the beginning of year 2020, the foundation is welcoming two new school partners, Pertiwi 2 Gedangan Kindergarten and Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten in Boyolali Municipality. These two schools have become the 5th and 6th school partners in Boyolali Municipality which receive grants from the donors through ars86care foundation's Space to Build Program, adding to a total of 31 school partners. On the 3rd of February 2020, the MoU signing between ars86care foundation and the School Committee was held and attended by school stakeholders (local authorities, parents, and village communities).  The signing was followed by marking the construction site which will start later in the month and plan to be completed by June 2020. While construction is on the way, students from Pertiwi 2 Gedangan Kindergarten will continue to borrow an unused room from the nearby primary school and students from Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten will be temporarily moved to the Village Hall for everyday learning activities.


“I am very thankful for the grant given by donors through ars86care foundation. Our school community appreciates this effort and will take good care of the new school building,” said Mrs. Margiati, the Principal of Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten.



The effort in providing proper access to a better early childhood education will continue in Boyolali Municipality for at least in the next two years. ars86care foundation is full of confidence and have high hopes in committing and partnering with many involves to support sustainable and healthy school communities in villages across Central Java.

06 Feb 2020