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09 Mar 20

The Endless Support and Synergy Cooperation Between Ars86care Foundation and Its Donors


February 2020 marks the beginning of the first semester of ars86care foundation’s School Renovation Project for two Kindergarten in Boyolali Municipality. Through this program, a construction process has started for Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten in Gubug Village and Pertiwi 2 Kindergarten in Gedangan Village. These schools become the 30th and the 31st partners of ars86care foundation.


The realization of these projects is a direct result of the support and trust ars86care foundation has gained from our respectful donors. The same vision and mission towards these projects create a strong collaboration in providing a safe space for children to learn and play. One of our donors this year, is the Symphasis Foundation who has previously contributed in 2019 for Pertiwi 2 Jagoan Kindergarten in Boyolali Municipality. The Symphasis Foundation is a nonprofit organization, located in Zurich, Switzerland and has been a longtime supporter for social projects, charity, ecology, culture, and other philanthropic ventures. This year, the Symphasis Foundation will continue the effort in sustaining and delivering child-friendly spaces for Pertiwi 2 Gedangan Kindergarten in Boyolali Municipality.


In the first semester of 2020, ars86care foundation is very please with the collaboration we make with our recurring donor which also includes the women from Moda for Hope Singapore. These ladies have created an innovation in Philanthropy by combining their love of fashion with charity bazaar. They have raised awareness in the importance of sustainable fashion wear by selling high-quality secondhand items and donating the profit to a charity. On the 2nd  – 10th  of December 2019, they held a Charity Bazaar which this year help build a safe space for children in Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten in Boyolali Municipality. Moda for Hope has also contributed for the construction of Dharma Wanita 2 Kindergarten in Tanggungharjo Village, Grobogan Municipality in 2018.


This same year, ars86care foundation warmly welcome new collaborators and donors which has trusted us to create proper access for children to safely learn and play. One of these donors is PT. Paragon Technology and Innovation (Wardah) which has generously helped the construction process of Sri Mulia Karangtalun in Boyolali Municipality through their CSR program.


Ars86care foundation would also like to acknowledge each and every single one of our individual donor who has supported our programs through our crowdfunding efforts in and GlobalGiving throughout 2019.


We thank everyone who has contributed their support and involvement to help build proper access in early childhood education in Boyolali Municipality. Through your effort, both Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten as well as Pertiwi 2 Gedangan Kindergarten will gain a child-friendly school this year. Ars86care foundation would also like to extend our gratitude for the collaboration and contribution the Village community has given which include the parents, teachers, as well as village officials. 

09 Mar 2020