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29 Apr 20

Progress of School Renovation Projects in Gubug and Gedangan Village - Cepogo District, Boyolali Municipality


Over the past several months, changes can easily be seen throughout our daily lives as the COVID-19 Pandemic affected most of the world. Life, as we know, has shifted in many aspects including the way we work. Indonesia is no exception, with the pandemic roaming from city to city; the government has now taken a major step to ensure the safety of its people by enforcing amongst others, working from home, and a large scale of social distancing. Ars86care foundation has also taken our productivity from our offices to our home since the 15th of March 2020.


In the same time, the foundation has decided to continue our school renovation project in Boyolali Municipality. The decision to continue with the project is not taken lightly as we have applied safety regulation for the site workers to commit while working on the project which has started since February 2020 and set to finish in early July 2020. The adjustment included supplying the on-site team with soap, hand sanitizer, cotton as well as medical mask and safety tips on how to apply social distancing, protocols on entering and exiting the premises as well as how to properly wash our hands in accordance to the WHO instruction. As of mid-April 2020, the project has reached 52,17% of its total construction progress for both Sri Mulia Karangtalun Kindergarten as well as Pertiwi 2 Gedangan Kindergarten in Cepogo district, Boyolali Municipality.


The project is continuing to benefit children who are currently studying from home and wish to come back to a child-friendly school where they could safely learn and play. Our projects could not have started if it wasn’t for the full support we have from our respectful donors the Symphasis Foundation, Moda for Hope, PT. Paragon Technology and Innovation (Wardah), PT. Petrojaya Boral (Jayaboard), as well as many other individuals’ donors. During these conditions, we appreciate the dedication shown by all the teachers who do the hard work in preparing materials for the children and continue to share positive energy for all the children. 


29 Apr 2020