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14 May 14

Monitoring & Evaluation 1 and 2 at Nusa Indah Kindergarten, Karangawen Village


A part of the Space to Build program was conducting monitoring and evaluation activities on kindergartens that were renovated by Ars86care.  Generally, these activities aim to further investigate on the impacts and benefits experienced by the students, teachers, parents and  surrounding communities following the renovation. On 23-24 April 2014, the ars86care team conducted the second phase of monitoring and evaluation activity (twelve months upon delivery of the school) at Menur Semi Kindergarten in Mranggen, while the first phase of the activity (six months upon delivery of the school) was conducted at Nusa Indah Kindergarten in Karangawen.


Results from the monitoring and evaluation have shown that the students, teachers, parents and communities have given positive responses towards the renovated kindergarten buildings. Some of the parents even acknowledged that one of the considerations to enroll their children at the kindergartens was the condition of the buildings – the infrastructures are comfort and safe for their children. It is no wonder that the number of student have been increasing at Menur Semi Kindergarten. As for the kindergarten student, they stated that the current building is much more comfort and safer, particularly with the presence of playing facilities, wall murals and comfort classrooms compared to the previous ones. The teachers also approved that with these new buildings, the teaching and learning processes become more effortless. The children are able to learn on how to wash hands, or even use the toilet properly and independently. They also learn on how to throw garbage at the trash bin, plant and grow plantation, or play in the prepared play facility. All in all, the maintenance of the buildings and facilities by the school communities are of much satisfactory.  


There are however few points to be taken to action. Firstly, the school authorities need to create a certain mechanism to involve the roles from the students, parents and the community on maintaining the buildings and their facilities. Secondly, the school authorities and parents should move forward together to strengthen the daily values of green living among the students. Last but not least, the surrounding communities should be given more opportunities on accommodating the kindergarten buildings and their facilities [MR].


Ars86care foundation

Ars86care foundation started with a group of Indonesian architects who were concerned about the environment and wanted to improve environment quality as legacy for their children. Ars86care is a registered foundation for children, the environment, and education, with three main programs, including Space to Build, Words to Share, and Value to Do. The mission of ars86care foundation is to promote and to create high quality, child-friendly living spaces in order to achieve a better quality of life for the children, who are the future of Indonesia. The group has worked with over 1,000 volunteers sinceit’s establishment in 2007.

14 May 2014